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Ink Wash Characters

I bought these new inks this past week and I wanted to try them out. They came in a set of eight different colors, so I wanted to try them out each with a different character, this being my first trials XP

First I drew Kalon (top left). Just black ink would have been boring, so I went with the nut brown ink. It worked pretty good so far, and may actually be my favorite. ^^ I haven’t drawn Kalon in awhile but I thought he turned out awesome! And the ink was working good here.
Then Dimi in the blue (top right). This is where the trouble began. The blue ink I have isn’t completely waterproof and begun to bleed out in some areas. -_- So the ink is nice, but I may use it with waterproof ink outlines in the future.
Then my biggest setback. The scarlet ink actually drew a hot pink color, as seen with the beginning of Davis’ outline T_T I tried to make it work, but I couldn’t. It’s just such a bright pink!
And finally I drew Kaira for the violet ink ^^ I really enjoyed the violet ink, and it was about as good as the brown ink, and by then I was used to painting with inks again (I hadn’t used them in so long, and they don’t paint like watercolors…)

I’m not sure how many more of these I’ll do. My only colors left from the pack are black, yellow, emerald, and orange. And to be honest, I don’t anticipate the orange and yellow, since these inks aren’t very opaque XP

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