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here's my entry for the challenge 'Dreams' =))

For some time after I read both the Pendragon Adventure and the Host, I'd had dreams that involved a variety of worlds. There were worlds similar to those mentioned in the Host--like the Flower Planet, the Mists Planet, etc., and a bunch of others I guess my imagination created.

Lately, I've had a lot of dreams like that too, but with a twist: these dreams change from one world to another...AND take bits and pieces from my memories. Yesterday night, I started out on Earth, in the center of a department store, and went down dozens of escalators--red ones, if I recall corectly. Then when I walked out of the last one it led to a rainy, misty drawbridge, which was linked to this 12,749-foot high peak I'd hiked last year. The mountains were filled with these red Pomeranians the size of mice, and...well, you get the idea. A lot of jumping from place to place, and a lot of odd creatures.

I'm not quite sure how to intepret these dreams, but I'll give it my best shot. I'm going to college and leaving the country I've known for the most part of my life--Taiwan, and my subconscious has been digging up the most unforgettable memories I have of the place. I've dreamt about school traditions, like our Christmas musicals, and although I acted onstage with the other people, they couldn't see or hear me. It's like...I'm revisiting things that I am not a part of anymore, but were incredibly important to me. And there are things I wouldn't have been able to recall if you'd asked me, but then I dreamed of--and I gradually realized that I'd had the MOST colorful, varied, and(for lack of a better word)multifarious life in Taiwan, .

So what do the things in the picture represent? It's an amalgam of sorts, I guess--I interpret them as a mosaic of elements that make up my life. Each jigsaw and pattern of the puzzle doesn't necessary mean anything--it just means something different, something special in its own right, that nonetheless fits with other pieces to define to define my...story, I guess you could call that, and it covers my reality, my thoughts, and my dreams. Of course, there are small bits of the jigsaw that are real objects from my life...but well, mostly it's just a symbolism of these type of dreams and my years in Taiwan. You're free to think of it as whatever you like, though =)))

I hope my interpretation of the dream and the explanation didn't confuse you too much XPPP since I'm very prone to rambling...XDDD anyway, hope you like it!!

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