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show me love not a dream
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happy birthday king-sama...... lol.... it's meant to be posted in june on his birthday but i was tooooo busy with conventions... TT^TT i finished this some time around feb or march and i just posted this now..? wow... lol.. OTL

anyways.. i think it's my first time giving him a gift art for his birthday coz i didnt know the date before.. i sent him this the exact date but i forgot to post here after a few days of his bday coz it's meant to be a secret as he said.. >x< he's such a mystery.. @[email protected];

on the other side, many thanks to the birthday greetings i received.. i have drawn nothing new since june.. yey... =/

hope i can get back on drawing soon.... XD

hearts and wings (c) king-sama
art (c) me
title of the song (c) utada hikaru - i ran out of titles again so just listen here --> <--

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hearts, king-sama, reirei18, wings
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