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Hibana the Hedgehog
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well here is the colored version of Hibana done on GIMP (first time on GIMP).all i did was do the line art with pen tool fill the colors on spots that needed it and shaded it with dodge/burn tool, and smudge tool and i also turned on the pencil lineart and lowered the opacity and it turn out cool ^^.
this is kinda my first ref completed (will edit and update cause there's few things i want to edit)

Name: Hibana
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Species: Hedgehog-Cat Hybrid (3/4 Hedgehog, 1/4 Cat)
Likes: Pizza, Skating, Video Games
Dislikes: caves (underground, underwater,ect.), falling
Friends: Jacob the Echidna, Rala the Cat, Simon the Hedgehog
Rivals: Nitro the Hedgehog, Temparo the Shark
Weapons/Power/Skills: Thunder Chaos Sword, Regular Combat skill
Personality: friendly , funny, childish, sometimes irresponsible, brave, always know right and wrong, learner
Name Meaning: Hibana = Spark (in Japanese)

Bio: He was left in a orphanage by his mother to save him from being kidnapped by the evil organization called black chaos. during his time here he made friends with Jacob the Echidna, and Rala the Cat and have went on many great adventures. a few months later his friends were adopted and then him too by Laura the Fox. Currently in the age of 16 he hears unknown voices and sees vision that grow stronger through time telling him there is a orginization of evil that is releasing the black dragon that caused years of darkness and tells him to find his chaos sword and find others with chaos swords and find the 7 pieces of the black sword

Sonic Fan Art
Digital, GIMP, Hedgehog, Hibana, Hibanathehedgehog, Improvement, Japanese, Sonic, Spark, The
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