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I don't know anymore xD half way through it lost the "thing" that I was going for. OTL can't find the right word for what I had in mind, so to hell with titles >3>

>3< attempted at painting something black and white then splashing colour over it owo I really liked the painting black and white part *w* it's so much easier to work with!...still not sure what to do about the second part though D: it just goes wrong ): it's so much harder to use a rainbow pallet that I'm used to.

The crows were fun though owo

Spoiler & rant alert for the rest of the content:
TAT omg It's been ... okay this is like..my first naruto fan art in 6 years?!
and one of the only mangas that I still follow since childhood (this and one piece). Been quite a few years :P
Took about..a 3 year break on naruto though owo then caught up on it over a weekend a few month back *w*
I wanted to put more feelings of regret and daze into this ): with Itachi's second death and all ;w; idk what happened to that. Some how everything just started to take more "shape" than I wanted after colouring and effects ):
OTL when I just caught up with naruto it was such a challenge D: after taking break for a few year forgot all my ninja terminology >: even now I still have some trouble. But gosh the plot is going so nicely ;A;
The brotherly relationship was awesome though :P

Naruto Fan Art
crow, sasuke
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