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Summer 2012 Movie Force
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In every year, there appears to be at least a few movies to be considered to be the "big movie events of the summer movie season". For 2012, the major North American movie events of the summer apeared to be (or at least in my point of view) Ted (which marks the theatrical film director debut of Family Guy's creator Seth MacFarlance), The Amazing Spider-Man (being a reboot of Columbia Pictures' Spider-Man film series that started the so-called attempt to connect between the fate of Peter Parker's parents and his becoming Spider-Man), and The Dark Knight Rises (being the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's reimagining of the Batman mythos).

Now, imagine the lead characters of three movie titles mentioned above forming a task force with each maintaining a different position while woking together towards the main goal of not fighting crime and saving the universe, but rather brining North American audiences, the most awesome North American movie excitement possible during the summer movie season of 2012. As you can see in this composition drawing, Ted from Ted is the "Comedic Leader" of the team (because his movie came out before the other two with the "comedic" part of his description referring to the fact that his movie is a comedy), Batman from The Dark Knight Rises, is labelled as a "Gadget Soldier" (referring to his knack for working with gadgets), and Spider-Man from 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man as the "Genius Runt" (referring to his nerdy-but-outcast nature in the film).

Note that I included the tag "crossover movies" in the tag list for this piece because no "Crossover Movies" subcategory exists on this website while "Crossover Anime and Manga" is the only crossover subcategory to exist on the website itself.

2:30 PM Canada EST

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composition drawing, crossover movies, summer 2012 movie season, task force, ted, the amazing spider-man (2012 film), the dark knight rises, trio
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