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"The rabbit is the Monstre Charmant's heart. If the rabbit dies , the monster dies , too."

Since I watched this episode (22nd), around a year ago, I have decided to draw this. But I somewhat forgot about that. And that is the reason this is dedicated to PurpleNightmares, her icon reminded me of it :)

Reference in ep 22.
The words were said by Victorique . That episode was one of the most touching for me...I love Gosick so much, I'd like to rewatch it right away. But it's probably better to let more time pass, I still remember everything ^^.

"In Saubere, there was a monster who took the form of a little girl. At her side was a rabbit , who worked for her benefit.The rabbit used his might to eliminate anyone who would come near the monster with intentions of capturing her. The monster would give charity to the unprivileged and the rabbit would be at her side. As a result, a lot of people loved the monster. In time though, a person of power set his sight of the monster, determined to capture her to "prove" his power. The man and his followers killed the rabbit when it tried to protect the monster. With nothing in his path, he had the the monster. Or so he thought. But the monster had died, for the rabbit was the monster's heart. The monster and the rabbit were two forms, but one being. By killing the rabbit, the man had killed the monster. "
Taken from -here-

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