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Fuzors Chibis of Doom
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LOL This, this is what kept me up until well past 4am XD ...probably not a great use of my time, but yeah, twas very fun and for all the work it has made me happy lol

Characters are, from right to left - RD, Amy (don't really like her, but she worked for the chibi style), Blake, Estelle (the OC)

This pic actually had two functions, aside from just the random urge to draw chibis, wanted to check if Estelle's design would fit in with other existing characters. (hence her presence here, obviously a large amount of detail wasn't needed, just enough to get the idea)

the character selection was initially random, but ended up being a pretty good assortment, we have ref against the protagonist, another female, another character in a body-suit-ish design, etc. etc. covers several bases for refing against. that I look at this, I just noticed Blake looks like he's staring at a none too happy manner...just kind of like "Who the Hell are you?" XD this was unintentional obviously, or Estelle would probably me wearing her "1.5 seconds from bolting" expression, but still I find it mildly amusing...I also find it amusing how short RD is...he's a little guy, either that or all the girls are taller and the larger men in there are bloody monsters lol, which I somehow doubt...

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