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“It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within--not without." ~ Poirot”

Aaaah~ Finally getting outta my art block. It was so annoying, it was causing me to rationalize between digital and traditional and not put my effort into either. So now I'm happily back to doing some Copic art work^^

I was working on this portrait of the great Belgian detective Poirot (Agatha Christie's character in the novels, and acted by David Suchet in the TV series) for about 2 hours straight and then I had to pull myself away to head over to dog-sit at night, and then next day I just kept tweaking things on it. I'm a bit bothered about the eyes though... Drawing in manga style all the time made me do larger-then-usual eyes xD I tried to fix them as best as I can, I'm almost afraid to post the ref pic I used but here it is. >3<
EDIT: I fixed the eyes a bit on Ribbet! It was worse before xD

I'm proud about how this turned out though, seeing that I didn't use any guidelines whatsoever, I was running out of Copic ink, and the ref pic was on my 3DS screen. I did this portrait very much like how I did my Mona Lisa drawing. But I wasn't in the mood to take pics this time, I'm sorry about that!
Also everything here is done in Copic markers, but I did some editing on (dodging, burning, contrast, and colour edit).

Dedicated to my good friend PurpleMochi aka Hannah who loves watching Poirot as well!!

Thanks so much for reading+viewing!! And go check out the Poirot episodes if you have not see them!! <333
A couple of my most favourites:
Death on the Nile
Sad Cypress
and the older ones are good as well x3

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