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Last Stand
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Don't ask!.. cuz I'm gonna tell xD

Its a warrior (based on Kaji) defending a giant cicada bug from evil chipmunks. But they won't last much longer.
I did it with a ballpoint pen and copic markers x3 And felt panicky most of the time cuz I'm in this odd art block where I'm afraid to draw cuz I might mess up.

This is weird. It kinda reminds me of Nausicaa. I usually don't do this art, but just felt like doing it cuz of an incident @[email protected]
~Last week, I found a cicada larva that had just crawled out of the ground (learn more about their life stages HERE). It was on its back on the sidewalk, and hadn't hatched out of its shell yet to become a winged adult. I SAVED IT! XD And I was really excited cuz supposedly cicadas live underground for like 17 years? And then after that length of time, they come up in the spring and molt then mate then die @[email protected] But their molting process is rather neat, I wanted to see it! I was all ready with camera in hand too!
My sister and brother helped me set it up on a log in my yard so it could get settled and molt. It takes a while... but it actually started shifting itself in its shell (must see molting process here).
Anyway, for the longest time, we were each taking turns to check on it. Then I got carried away doing stuff with my tablet while my sis watched TV and we didn't check on it.
Next time we went out, it was gone >3< But it hadn't molted, it had been eaten. It's shell was ripped up and its wings and legs were left. I thought my dog had gotten to it, which made me really upset (poor cicada!!!!) but it was actually a chipmunk! EVIL!!!! D8 I was so sad! I know stuff has to die but I saved it once, and couldn't save it again >3<
I was gonna create an exaggerated comic strip about it but I'm lazy >u<

Thanks for viewing and reading and supporting! ^_^

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cicada, copic markers, copics, evil chipmunks, last stand, MangaKid, original, warrior
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