HotRamen2Go009 (Fan Art Portfolio) Friends to the End!

Friends to the End!
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Finally, I'm done :)

I have been working most of the night on this piece, didn't have the right idea until after 6pm....

Starting from the left is my OC Theo, MangaKid's OC Kaji and P-Man (Panda) OC Cyma.

The story is that since Theo work as a bartender, Cyma is the bouncer for the bar. Then Kaji came by to start his part time job as a bouncer as well. On one particular night a bunch of thugs came by and both Cyma and Kaji threw them out. Later when the three got off from work they were ambushed by the same thugs that they met earlier. In the end The four, including Niko, Kaji's furry friend beat up the 10 thugs. So it was a 4 vs 10 battle :D The four of them are pretty beat up but they are fine because they are laughing :D Haha Cyma is holding a bat and Niko is tired so Niko's resting on Kaji's head.

I used pencils, markers and a piece of paper.

Hope You all like it

Good night! (Right now is 11:30pm...)

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