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What Was That For?
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Ever played the original Legend of Zelda? Yeah, me either. But this was something I heard about and I felt I had to draw it. One thing I love about the Zelda series is that Nintendo tends to put little things that you normally wouldn't find in adventure games. All sorts of secrets that will happen when the right action is done. One such exists in the original LoZ for the Old Man in the dungeons. If attacked, he will apparently try to kill you with fire. I really don't blame him at all. Why would you attack someone who does nothing but help you? The answer? Either curiosity or rage.

Artist Note: This did not take long at all and I'm quite happy with that. (A couple hours in total) The style is different than my usual style, but that's what I was shooting for so like I said, I'm happy. I'm really happy with how the fire came out. My only complaint is that the blood on Link's sword and the blood on the Old Man isn't very noticeable I tried adding shine, but that didn't really help. Also, the background is incredibly bland. Other than those... happy... for the most part

Zelda Fan Art
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