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This is my second attempt for Spice up my life! challenge (the first one being the Apple and Cinnamon one, which I didn't submit to the challenge.) I thought I'll miss the deadline, but it was June 22, not 20 (whew).

I tried doing a Mediterranean theme for this one, because it seems that Parsley is native to that region.
Outfit is somehow inspired by one of AAA's Hidaka's outfits from their "Heart to ♥" tour. I chose boots to represent Italy and made them white because Parsley's root is white. The clover is not a mistake, I just didn't want to leave the clothes simple.

About this personification of Parsley:

He's a very friendly, helpful and outgoing guy, who loves travelling around the world to meet new people/herbs and taste all kinds of food. He likes high temperatures and sunny days. He's also interested in aesthetics.

Reasons for the above description:

☆ travels a lot around the world: (I think) it's used in all corners of the world
☆ likes to meet new people and taste all kind of dishes: (cuisine experts might disagree, but) I believe Parsley works with anything
☆ high temp / sunlight: grows best in these conditions
☆ aesthetics: Parsley is also used to garnish some dishes.
☆ helpful: we pretty much use the entire plant for cooking (and believe me, raw is good too <3 mmmmm- yummy)


I resent those kids in the neighbourhood so much right now. Can anyone make them shut up, please?

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gijinka, guy, herb, mediteranean, parsley, personification
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