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To Be Loved
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Hey :3

Well..... I know this is kind of out of style for me o=o But I do actually like how it turned out x3 I know it isn't drawn perfectly, and looking at it now, I can see I had some problems with the legs (haha, don't even say anything about the feet -__- I was like... Eh, screw it.)

So anyway, I was watching the modern/remade movie of Frankenstine with my mom last night and it was.. Actually REALLY good o3o </3 I feel bad for the Creature <3 I loved him and you're like "D': Whyyyy" The only problem I had was the brotherXsister ^^;;;;;;;;; Seriously, that was just a bit odd... Yes, they weren't blood related, but neither are my brother and I, doesn't mean I want to become his wife >3<;;;; But yeah, their mother's death wish was they get married...

Anyway, enough about that random bit, yeah, check out the movie :D Just ignore the random incest bit.

So, at first it wasn't going to look so zombie like, but then I got carried away with coloring.. I actually want to use her in a rp x3; But in the mean time, the little story I made for her (yet she has no name.....)

She was happy and married who she thought was going to be the man of her dreams, that is until she found out who he REALLY is. He's a psychopathic killer. So he loses his cool and attacks her. When he calms down, he realizes what he did (he actually loved her D':) and tries to stitch her back together. But she still doesn't come back to life (haha.. Yeah, he thought that would help...) So, he freaks out and sets the house on fire, there for her burn marks. :'3 Quite a sad little story, but that's what came to mind... I might use her in my rp One More Chance. But I don't know...

Anywho, sorry for all the reading xD;;

Abara Fan Art
bloody, burns, dress, frankenstine, movie, oc, wedding
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