Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) GX group + Ranka and Sheryl ft. MangaKid

GX group + Ranka and Sheryl ft. MangaKid
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This drawing took me along time to draw. It was a lot of fun to draw and I really enjoyed coloring it as well. For my colors I used Crayola Colored pencils. They're my favorite colored pencils besides Prisma Colored pencils but I'm too broke to afford a set,maybe someday. Anyway this is my first big group picture I drew for along time. It took along time to draw, I'd say it took a few hours just to draw everything out. It took me another 2 hours today coloring the drawing. A lot of work went into this drawing and I'm seriously proud of it. In a few days I'm going to have it enlarged to a poster size and put it on my bedroom wall. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Does anybody notice MangaKid in the group? Yeah I had to draw her because she's so awesome and because she's been an awesome friend to me~
Group 1(Top to Bottem,left to right)
Tyranno Hassleberry/Kenzan,Green slug(upside down on top),MangaKid,Jun Manjoume/Chazz Princeton,Amazing Katy,Bastion/Daichi Misawa,Super Luke,Alexis Rhodes/Tejoin Asuka,Pharaoh the cat,Stumpy the Raccoon
Group 2 (Top to Bottem,left to right)
Sheryl Nome,Ranka Lee,Jesse/Johan Anderson,Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle,Marafuji Sho/Syrus Truesdale,Judai/Jaden Yuki
Sorry for poor quality picture. I took a picture of it on my phone. It looks better in real life.

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
alexis rhodes, amazing katy, anime, asuka tenjoin, bastion misawa, chazz princeton, group, jaden yuki, jesse anderson, johan anderson, jun manjoume, macross frontier, mangakid, misawa daichi, pharoah, ranka lee, sheryl nome, stumpy the raccoon, super luke, syrus truesdale, tyranno hassleberry, yu-gi-oh gx, yuki judai
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