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Lucid Dreams
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Experimenting with 2 new OCs that I created~ 8D Gah, Icannotdrawmusclesformylifeeee~! D:

I might name the guy Kasor (KAWH-sore), and I really wanted to make him a bit older, manlier, and rugged looking... Maybe a GO-T beard? xDD And maybe in his late 20s or early 30s? (my inspiration comes from Mordecai and Hawkeye from Fire Emblem LOL! xD ♥) This is my second time drawing them (from memory), since my square sketchbook is with a friend and it had my original design of them. T^T

I wanted the girl to have slightly wavy hair~ She'll be older too, probably around mid to high 20s, but still not exactly sure yet.

I want their story to have something with lucid dreaming (which is knowing that you are in a dream and sometimes you can control things yourself). Maybe Kasor has the power of shared and lucid dreaming? The girl naps too close to Kasor one day and then she enters his dream (which the first dream I'll surely have to have some oriental clothing ohohohohooo~!). *shot*

*EDIT* Girl's name is Yegra~ ♥

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kasor, oc, penelope, yegra
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