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Challenger Killua
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For a second he thought he was still on Greed Island. But no, a card that he'd thought was a Hunter License fell into his lap and began to play. "Welcome to Otaku Island. . . "

This game was starting to get interesting. "Only three people can leave?" Why does that sound so familiar? Ah that's right, back in Trick Tower. He smiled. Gon would have probably thought of a way for all of us to leave.

In any case, Gon wasn't here and he intended to be one of the three to leave. But it wouldn't hurt to team up with two other people. Not because he felt that he needed to but because he'd learned that he had more fun when he was with other people.

Only then did he dump out the items in his backpack. He wasn't expecting much. But along with the bottle and climbing gear, a thin book tumbled out.

How was he supposed to defend himself with a book? This was something that would have probably been more useful to Kurapica. Absentmindedly he flipped through the pages. They might contain a map or some useful information about the island. But ...What the hell? Was this a joke?

All the pages are blank.

No wait, there was something written on the inside of the cover. He read aloud. "The human whose name is written in this book shall die. . . " In disbelief, Killua shook his head. Definitely something Kurapica would want to get his hands on. Doubtfully he continued to read. There were so many complicated rules just to kill one person. Coming from a family of assassins, it would be much easier for Killua to just go up to the person and rip their heart out.

Without much thought, Killua scribbled in the book tracing with his finger. "Hi-so-ka. Dies from explosive diarrhea." But then it occurred to him that he didn't know Hisoka's last name. For all he knew, "Hisoka" could be his stage name; the creep did like his magician act - a bit too much. He shuddered.
"A deserted island where a battle for survival is taking place? Seems just like the type of place Hisoka would be."

As if the mere thought of that psychopath would summon him, Killua quickly stuffed his thoughts and belongings back into the backpack. The book was worse than useless. Not only did he not need it but it'd be more likely for it to be used against him if someone else were to get their hands on it.

"Man, how troublesome. Stuck on an island for a whole month? With no chocorobots? Someone's going to pay for this."

Well first things first and that was to explore the whole island. Killua jumped up excited despite himself at the hint for another adventure. In a flash of kanmaru, he raced up a cliff wall. It's what Gon usually did, racing him up to higher places to scout the area.

Hunter X Hunter Fan Art
Killua, Otaku Island
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