Bluesen (Fan Art Portfolio) Little Prince Magikarp

Little Prince Magikarp
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For the Gijinka contest!

(Man, I got Gijinka desgins and artwork everywhere in my art--I hope ya'll are ready for the flood~)

Here is a fairly old Gijinka I did (okay so not THAT old but stiiilll I see some mistakes that are driving me crazy) of a shiny Magikarp--his name is Rome! :D He's the prince of the sea! (His father is a friggn' Gayrados!)

Profile, cause all Gjinka need a profile!

Name: Rome
Gender: Male
Pokemon: *SHINY* Magikarp
Age: 15
Height: 5' 4''
Hair Color: Gold
Skin Color: Light Yellow
Eye Color: Black with Gold Rims
Likes: Water and every sport you can play in it (obviously), beaches, warm blankets, sunshine, friendly compitions
Dislikes: The cold, deserts, mean people, bullies, snow

Other: Rome was born as prince of the sea, to his parents the shiny Melotic and Shiny Gayrados. He's a little flaky but takes on his father's love of competing for everything, loveing a good and fair fight or contest. He's very athletic and spends most of his time being active, but he's a sweet heart with a love of inlcuding others and making friends. He can both breathe on land and in water.

Well there you go! One down! : D

(I have way too many of these x3)



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