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Lelouch's Battle
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This is for NekoTenshiEmi's Otaku Island challenge.

I chose Lelouch because I wanted somebody who could be scheming and thoughtful in his movements, and not all on the good side.

Lelouch opened up his pack to nothing exciting but a measly spoon. That's his weapon. A spoon. How's he supposed to kill anybody with that? Well, it's a perfect tool to pop out anybody's eyes...maybe you could shove the end into someone's windpipe...Who knows, but spoons do scare me, so I thought that would be a good whimpy weapon.

Since he got such a crappy weapon he's looking for somebody to quietly steal from.

His main plan is to get to the end, try to make truces, try to get out of the game even if that means breaking rules, but he does want to save people, just the people who he thinks are worth it. Despite wanting a peaceful end to it, he will steal and cause trouble, but I think Lelouch is capable to sneaking around and never getting caught (plus he has his geass...I dunno if that's allowed, but without it he's still very good at getting his way).

He's not a particularly truthful player, but he does probably want what most people do and to end the game with no innocent deaths (I can see Lelouch killing one of the other players if he doesn't like them).

Yay~! It has a background~! :D I never draw backgrounds...they're not actually that bad so I don't know why I don't...O.o;

I don't know how to draw sweat, though...it sounded easy at the time, but for some reason I can't understand it...O.o;

I'm guessing he's breaking out into a cold sweat because he knows there are a few who will try to kill the other players and he doesn't want them to kill him, but he IS very defenseless considering his 'weapon'.

It doesn't look like Lelouch...'orz I dunno what the problem is...I kept working with it until it looked like Lelouch, but I had no clue how to make it look like him...O.o;

Enjoy~! ^ ^

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Fan Art
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