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Muramasa's Anguish
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What? What is this? This droplet of water on my hand. I felt it on my face. I feel more water, like raindrops. But there's no rain, not even a cloud in the sky. Is it because I've been told I was just a tool? Master Kouga just said I was nothing more than just a useless sword. Is it because I can no longer feel his presence? Is it the hollows trying to feed on my bitterness from the sting of betrayal? I'm trying to kill the innocent, but why? What is the motive? It had been Kouga's thought to kill anyone who he thought betrayed him and framed him.

Or is it just what that human woman just said, that young friend of Ichigo's? Or was it Ichigo himself who told me Kouga was wrong? Is this tear on my hand the result of him saying I'm free now? Free from the bondage I had with Kouga. I'm not a tool? I'm not some object to just throw away like trash? He understands me? Is this why I've got this water on my hand? Is that the reason there's flowing water on my face? Is that why I'm crying?

Bleach Fan Art
anguish, cry, crying, Muramasa
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