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My Little Mizuhiki
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I got the idea for this as soon as I saw the Discord episode(s) of My Little Pony. YES. I'M A BRONY. WHAT OF IT? Though Cynthia and Celestia are a good match, I'm not sure why I put Cyrus and Discord together...They want completely opposite things...Cyrus wants control of a perfect world while Discord just wants to watch Equestria (that looks misspelled) burn...Maybe it's because Discord acts around Celestia the way I imagine Cyrus acting around Cynthia? I dunno about you guys, but when Discord was talking to Celestia through the stained glass windows, I had a fan spaz <3 He's my fav MLP villain.

Anywho, about the picture. I dislike Cyrus's face, but everything else about his outfit is cool, in my opinion. Cynthia was fun to draw, but her outfit really didn't provide the creative opportunity that Cyrus's Discord cosplay did. I'd cosplay as Discord over Celestia any day.

Hope you like!

Cyrus, Cynthia, Discord, and Princess Celestia are not mine.

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
celestia, cynthia, cyrus, diamond, discord, mizuhiki, mizuhikishipping, mlp, my little pony, pearl, platinum, pokemon, princess celestia
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