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The Rat
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What's going on with the background? Don't ask me.

So here is my first (of twelve) entry for Team Plasma N's Chinese Zodiacs contest. Presenting, the Rat!

I chose Emolga mostly because it wasn't something incredibly obvious such as the Pikachu family or Ratata, it was easy to adapt to my style, and IT CAN FLY. Because flying rat is best rat. But being serious, Emolga was a lot of fun to draw, and since it IS a rodent, I figured it would be a good rat for the Chinese Zodiac.

I picked Mars from Team Galactic as the trainer because a) she is my favorite commander from any of the Pokemon games and I needed to include her somewhere and b) she always struck me as the tomboyish type who still kinda liked cute things, as shown by her uniform and her Purugly. So I figured that Emolga, the adorable and spunky flying rat/squirrel/thing, would fit her personality to a T.

So after those lengthy explanations, enjoy my adaption of The Rat.

Mars and Emolga are not mine.

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