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I don't even know
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Honestly, I really don't. I tend to have either nightmares where I'm being chased or really random, incomprehensible dreams. This is one of the latter. I chose this one because it had a slight anime theme, was fairly recent, and made absolutely no sense. Actually its a bit embarrassing... Not in a creepy way though

So basically in this dream, I somehow had two frozen tv dinners. They first one was apparently a friend of mine and the second one was... Little Kuriboh. Yeah, I'm not really sure why but I'm guessing because I've been watching a lot of YGOTAS. Anyways, they were both tv dinners and talking to me like regular people, but just in the form of tv dinners. But I guess my friend turned back into a human because he was talking with this group of people. And for some reason I really needed to tell him something, but I couldn't tell him in front of those people. So, I guess in order to focus on trying to tell him whatever I needed to tell him, I kinda apologetically stuffed the other tv dinner in the freezer. I never did get to say what I needed to say, but I felt really bad for shoving LK in a freezer. I still feel really bad just saying this now. Also, I apologize for the refrigerator (about drawing it badly that is).

Hope this was weird enough for this challenge, now I'm going to bury my head like an ostrich and hope no one notices.

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