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Free Candies~ 8D
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High res here( very huge file!!!)

10 free chibi requests are finally DONE!! X] ...if u were wonder, candies were a weapon 2 motivate me draw chibis! ..that's why the 'candies' in the title! =w=;; ( I couldn't come with a better title anyway ||'orz)

Anyway, thanks 2 everyone who requested, it was really fun working in it! 8D
also, I used this amazing artist superstarpanou's scanning and darkening pencil lines tutorial 4 this pic! it's so easy and helpful! X3


0-15385bic -OC Lee
1-Kaijin89 -OC Trae
2-infinatelove42 -OC Butterfly
3-Wakusei Aoshi -OC Poe
4-moonlit dream -OC Damian (u can take him as ur bd gift 2 ^w^)
5-itemilicious -OC Aya
6-SnowP -her girl oc
7-Blue Latte -Juvia from fairy tail.
8-Aria Sky - a cowgirl(sorry, I drew a bottle instead..hope that's fine 4 u! owo;;)
9-MangaKid -who send her requested oc Kaji by a message coz she was unable 2 comment..(and I just realized it 2 late >w>;)


Now u probably see my drawings look horrible without any colors! ;;XD
hope u all like it by any way! ;;orz

thank u~ >3<

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