Pleiades Rising (Fan Art Portfolio) The Singular Heartache of Being Friends

The Singular Heartache of Being Friends

After much work, I'm finished my latest piece: Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter. I picked the anime version, instead of the OVA one, since this one had more colors and details to work with. (And it had nothing to do with her wearing glasses. Nope, not at all.) I hope you enjoy it.

This was painted entirely with watered-down acrylics, which makes it slightly different than my other works. I usually work with both water-colors and acrylics, but this time I decided to make it entirely with the latter. Also, the inking was kept to a minimum, compared to my other pieces. The only CG work involved some minor adjustments to the contrast, brightness, and color balance. As for the overall design and composition, I thought it would be better to keep it all fairly minimal; I deliberately avoided adding in any chains, checkerboard patterns, and those two gigantic skulls (but kept a small pile at the bottom). I even left out her scythe, since I wanted to make her look slightly more vulnerable.

On a side note, I listened to lots of moody music when making this day after day, to get into the right frame of mind. An artist's gotta do whatever it takes, haha.

Black Rock Shooter Fan Art
Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Yomi Takanashi
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