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Imperfect Excel
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I finally finished my entry for this challenge!!! It took me more than 3 weeks!!! Because I was busy and because in order to accomplish this I had to use many tutorials, etc. This is my entry for the Pretty Ugly Challenge!!

Like I said healer94, this challenge suits my fancomic, Excel in Cipherland, far too well! So I used the 4 main characters of it. Which are Excel #1, Excel #2, Excel #3, and Excel #4. They are all the same person but from different dimensions! As you can see all of them have a big fat ugly nevus (mole) in their face. Not only in their face but also in the center of their chin! Talk about unusual. We all know a nevus is a skin deformity and no one likes to have deformities, much less in one's face! Everyone's always staring at it and pointing it out. People say it's distracting, others say it makes her look funny but the worst one of all is that some people say it looks like a FLY!!!! Imagine, having a fly in your chin permanently!!! That takes a toll on anyone's self esteem!!! (To top it all off and add to their frustration the Excels have to wear glasses or else they can't see anything! This ruins their cosplay every time they try to cosplay and also it makes them look nerdy and ugly.)

Yet at the same time having a nevus in the center of their chin makes them unique! You don't find someone with a nevus in the exact center of their chin everyday!!! So this is what makes them beautiful and different. They stand out in a crowd! Also it is common knowledge that a nevus is called a beauty mark! Well it just so happens that they have a beauty concentration in their chin!! (As for the glasses, well we all know glasses make you look smart! Smart people have a beautiful mind)

I hope this was good enough for the challenge healer94, let me know!!!

Wow! This is the third time I make an Excel drawing! The first one was about the how the Excels wished they could look, no glasses, no nevus. Plus other clothes they feel like the only thing they ever wear is that plain old white sleeping gown. The second one was just them being chibi, wearing theO hat, etc.

Here in this drawing I used no textures and no brushes. I only used filters and standard Gimp patterns.

Tutorials that I used:

1.Eyes, I still have ways to go when it comes to eyes...

2. Coloring in Gimp, this is really good

3. Sky tutorial for Gimp

4. How to make rain using Gimp!

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