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Oohira Kitakami
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:3 Woh, I'm actually doing something lately! o-o Weird...

Anywho, this was drawn a while ago, and I just recently found it partially colored (Only the facial skin tone was colored...) And last night I finished it :3 Great story, right?

So, if you totally skipped the title and or didn't realize the title was a name, this is my OC Oohira :D She belongs to Stars' rp W Mystery (and you should totally go and look at the world! It hasn't started yet, but it's going to start soon if you wanted to join!)

Here is the first plot if you wanted to read about it;

Despite the fact that the motel is not that popular, during the winter vacation they have a lot of customers, considering it's a good choice for spending the winter holidays, thanks to the low prices and the beautiful view. And as a tradition, the dinner is served to preserve the concept of family, even between the more or less stranger to each other guests.

This winter is no exception. The motel is almost full, mostly with young people who came to relax and relieve their stress from school or their work place. The owner, Ronald Collins, as well as his brother, Tom Collins and his sister-in-law, Anne Collins seem to be good people and close to their guests, trying to make them feel like home.

A snow storm begins, but the atmosphere inside the motel is so friendly and warm that no one is bothered by the bad weather from outside.

Saturday morning, Ronald Collins is found dead in his office, stabbed in the chest. The storm hasn't ended yet and it's impossible to come and leave from this place, meaning that the murderer must be one of them. They have only one option: to stay together and try to find out who the criminal is, before they end up like the motel's owner.

What's the meaning behind this murder and who done it?

Anyway, if you want to join, send a message to StarsSmile or her second/rp account WBX Tantei. And of course Dedicated to Stars for making the wonderful rp!

And I know Oohira's outfit and such is pretty simple, but I must say, after coloring and continuing to look at it, she has one of my favorite designs! <3 Yey, she's just so cute looking! And I keep trying to improve my semi-realistic coloring so I hope it looks good :3 (The skin at least... That's where most of the detail and work goes..)

Hope you like it!

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Oohira Kitakami
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