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alice ON-action!
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in the year 2012, humanities where threatened by the so-called “end of the world” or the “destruction of mankind”… but this facts remained false until the year 3012, where the technology of the mankind grows larger and stronger, by the year 2500, researchers begun to discover the alchemy with different twist—the fused-magic embedded in every alchemic code which was buried for over a million years. With this, the nano-tech changes into –nth (negative nth), and buildings, roads, and even islands are built using this technology until 3012, 1000 years after the false-phenomenon, a big cylindrical black thing began to appear in Pacific ocean and it is said to led until the very deep of the ocean. And a shocking phenomenon occurs, a sudden interruption in every single communication in the entire world happens, the so-called “gaming WONDERLAND”, led by the REDqueen, and its followers: the card-carriers threatened the world again by this game of “collecting royal cards”, these cards are the royal characters of the alice in wonderland, once these cards are completed and compile in order, the countdown for the destruction of mankind and the rebirth of new land will occur, thus, wiping out the entire race to create a new one, rebirthing everyone and changing it’s characteristic making it a dead-land of mankind. But, to counter this phenomenon, a certain person with a unique abilities of gaining knowledge, physically, and mentally fit and has the ability to produce alchemic-fused-magic is said to save the entire human race from it’s painful and inhumane system of rebirthing… the person will be called ALICE, thus the name of the protagonist of alice in wonderland. ALICE’ s mission is to capture and collect the royal characters of gaming wonderland by putting them in the royal mats filled with alchemic seals and fused-magic intact. But this is a difficult task, since the ANTIgamers, an anti-gaming wonderland, the humankind’s defensive force to counter the threats of the world, they spent countless of times, money, effort and men to find the right ALICE. But after 480 years of finding ALICE, they were already given 500 years before the time of the threatened destruction, a certain island in which a holy clan was intact with the divine protection and alchemic force was annihilated late at night by an unknown outsiders, and the ANTIgamers found a baby girl covered with red-satin clothe alive and unscathed, they found out that the baby has all the ability they needed, there own ALICE. They train, and mold her and after 17 years, she was given the tasked and named her ALICE, this girl is the strongest of all and her first mission is to collect the royal characters by sealing them in the royal mats. But what bugs ALICE’s mind are the questions like:
“who’s these REDqueen mastermind of these gamingWONDERLAND?”
“why needed rebirth with a painful and inhumane system of destruction?”
“who’s her real parents and what happens to them?”
And the real question that really destructs her mind,
“who are these royal characters and how will is she going to seal them?”
These questions remained unsolved in ALICE’s mind as she struggles to find the royal characters embedded in few chosen people in the whole world and she has only 2 years and a half to find them all--- all over the world. How will she find them? How will she fight to get the royal characters before the RED queens and her followers pursuit them firsts?

i think the story is a bit long, and i'm not good with making stories but oh yeah i've tried my best^^

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alice, Who's the next Alice, wonderland
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