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Sketch 3-Lea's Request
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3rd sketch is for Aria Sky aka Lea! She asked for a girl with glasses on a computer x3
Lolz, Lea! I almost forgot the glasses on her! I had like 3 different ideas for her, but I went for the hardest perspective cuz that was the one I saw more clearly in my mind. The cat is random.. he's like "Get that laptop off your laptop so I can sit there"! lol just like my cat xD And the girl is sitting on a big bean bag thing? haha I'm still a novice with drawing girls, but I'm very happy to say that I didn't use any reference pictures for this one^^
I didn't put too much shading on her as I knew you wanted to colour it^^ Have lots of fun! Oh and the computer screen in blank so have fun with that too maybe put one of your wallies in it? :) Hope you like your sketch! Its the least i could do for a great friend and awesome wallie designer who always makes me smile with her brilliant work^^
Thankyou so much for the request, my friend! <3

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Aria Sky, computer, girl, laptop, MangaKid, pencil, request, sketch
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