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Bakuman is one of my favourite manga, since its so unique and its the first official manga series I started reading. Its a manga about two boys trying to make manga! Check it out if you haven't: HERE!
Its on its 173rd chapter at this time and I feel like the ending is near (which is enough to make me cry @[email protected])

But why I made this drawing for superstarpanou's Its Okay to Cry challenge is because of the scene I just read. I got a bit more creative this time and didn't draw the exact scene (I used reference pics though x3)... I drew the 4 main characters and their dreams. I got all teary when I hit the point when their dreams come true. Mashiro gets a manga/anime and Azuki becomes a voice-actress. The fact that I'm reading the beginning books to my little bro made it even more touching. Its like I started a dream with them and now its coming true.

SPOILERS BELOW!!! Read if you want but you're warned! Its much better to read the manga then read my summary xD

So the story starts when Mashiro (blue haired guy) doodles a picture of Azuki, the girl voice-acting on the right. Class-ace Takagi (top left with glasses) find the notebook and asks Mashiro to team up with him to create manga as he sees that Mashiro has skills in drawing. At first, Mashiro doesn't agree. But after a fated meeting at Azuki's, where Mashiro proposes to Azuki, Mashiro joins with Takagi to become the best mangakas in Japan. The only thing is that Azuki and Mashiro agree not to meet or go out until their dreams are fulfilled. Mashiro is to become a mangaka and get an anime and Azuki will become a voice actress and act as their anime's heroine. Throughout the whole book, they meet rivals and friends and different obstacles and all the characters just keep working on their dreams with help from Miyoshi who cheers them on (top right). Its really inspiring!
And in one of the most recent chapters, Mashiro and Takagi get an anime on their manga 'Reversi'! But gettin Azuki as the voice actress to their heroine proves tougher then they thought. A rumour goes out that Azuki has had a boyfriend (Mashiro) since elementary school and her fans are outraged. But all she can do is prove herself and do her best. And after a public audition, she takes the role of the heroine from the other famous voice-actresses with an outstanding number of votes!! It was amazing to see their dreams come true... It was like a big journey that I took with them! I was so happy, I cried lol! Now they just have to get married xD

Thankyou for viewing and all! check out this manga if you can!! <3

Bakuman Fan Art
anime, Azuki Miho, Bakuman, characters, manga, Mashiro Moritaka, Miyoshi Kaya, poster, Takagi Akito
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