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What does it mean to be human?


I was hesitant to put this on this site, only because it isn't anime related at all. Of course TheOtaku isn't intolerant of anything non-anime, but it just doesn't feel as relevant to post it here, or it feels too abstract for something like this to be on what is primarily for the anime fanbase. It is more of a conceptual idea that formed out of many ideas that I was mulling over during my spring break. They're all too big and complex to break down into a paragraph, so I transpired something onto paper without having any idea of how initially the drawing would be, or how it would turn out. Some stream of consciousness sort of experiment I guess. The end result was satisfying. The meaning is up to you.

materials: white charcoal, soft black vine charcoal, red construction paper

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abstract, anger, black, body, brain, concept, conscious, consciousness, depression, emotions, encephalon, enlightenment, ethereal, experience, fear, feeling, flow, H+, hate, human, humanity, ideas, joy, life, love, meaning, mind, pain, psychology, red, religion, society, soul, spirituality, stream, think, thoughts, white, who are we?, who we are
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