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I actually started this poster while I was struggling in an art block a couple of weeks ago and I just finished colouring it yesterday. It helped me get out of my art block!!
This was done in a different way then my usually fan art... I did use reference pictures but because I started out being really lazy and impatient, I didn't draw any pencil guidelines. I skipped that stage and just drew the characters in black marker. Lol thats why some of them are seriously warped and mutated xD It was a lot of fun though!! I trust that Bakuman man fans can tell who is who?

Lol I think its a lot better then my first Bakuman poster: Click and I'll die of embarrassment xD

Anyway, one reason I wanted to do a Bakuman entry is because it was the very first manga series that I started reading! And just last week, I bought Bakuman 1 and 2 to start out my manga collection x3 I'm reading them to my little bro who is totally obsessed now xD
Please check out this manga if you have a chance! The story is really interesting, and SO INSPIRING!!! Lol its a manga about guys creating manga written by mangakas xD
Its by the same creators of Death Note. Its currently ongoing and I've got to admit that some parts are dragged out, but its always gonna be one of my most favourite manga! :D

Dedicated to the challenge creator, alphonse13^^ View in high-res for better quality!! :D

Bakuman Fan Art
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