21Emmz12 (Fan Art Portfolio) Chihiro & Haku- COLORED

Chihiro & Haku- COLORED
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I have drawn so many good drawings throughout the years and they've all been loved by many.
But there's that one picture that is so good, your parents take it and show it off to their friends just to brag about how good their child is at drawing.
This was the picture my parents liked to show everyone of their friends when they came over.

When i originally drew this, i was sitting in my room, being bored as always. And i was flipping through some old magazines and one section had a review of Spirited Away. And they had this picture on it. It was probably the exact same size as the picture i just linked and i drew it bigger.

And today i noticed that i haven't submitted any fan art in a while and decided that maybe i'll draw something quick and put it up. This wasn't quick at all >__>
Took me a good 7 hours to re-draw and color the original drawing...........OH ME GEEZ!!!!!!!

So i hope y'all likey my new re-colored version of Chihiro & Haku~!! ^W^
......You better like it
......Took 7 hours to do
........If it does poorly
...........This would've been a waste of my time
.........Lawl xD

C yaz!! ♫

I made some mistakes on the original Dx
I forgot to color Haku's nose and some of the color on Chihiro's left shoulder was going out of the lines Dx
So now here's the better version xD

Spirited Away Fan Art
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