AngelBest Dream (Fan Art Portfolio) Volcano Hamster Colored

Volcano Hamster Colored
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Edit: Colored one!
*Do you feel the movement?

*Same caption!

Just sharing both on horizontal flip to get a nice feedback. Sorry for being late but happy birthday volcano.Must say this one was a very hard spirit to draw and seems now you have two spirits. I'm dying to see what your gona say about this one XD .

Background and story:
One long time ago I got the random nickname for hamster ,the name was volcano hamster and I have no idea how did I came across a so random nickname. It was like so much fun, even thought about a story for the specie. Imagine you had a subspecies of hamster that for some crazy reason lives at a volcano.

Well hummmm O_o

Yeah seems the first hamsters had a hard time adapting since they turned into fire meet balls ready to be the perfect lunch. For the people who’s mouth is watering it's 100% normal as hamsters are a great food supply.Now Imagine a volcano hamster that is already cooked, you can just go and eat it raw and it might even have some surprise food in it's cheeks XD.

Yum Yum!

Making of the picture:

Hard as nothing!!!!!!!
Took me days to think about how a volcano hamster would look, even more days to make the background, hard time with the lava, omg with the feet, the flaming hair that gives light to the picture was hard. Looking for the textures was also hard. Used a technique I saw in Bob Ross to extend the color using a knife (or blur in Photoshop) .From there worked the background, made a cut and changed the color for the lava, added white and blurred it to extract some light color for it. Then used a bit of texture at the lava, then did more thing I don’t remember ,then even more things I don't remember. Some color burn for the mustache and more things.

At last going for Naggies picture XD!!!
Humm also afterglow and Starcrossed and more people I owe pictures, plz be patient XD

Comments are very welcomed.
P.D:Check Hasmters Tittle XD!!!

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