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Behind the Broken Mirror

This is my entry for Saerily's challenge "Tell a Story!". sorry for the bad quality, my scanner isn't hooked up, plus it's a small image... ^^'

Okay, this might be a little hard to understand, so I'll try to explain it well.

First, imagine yourself looking into a mirror, and the side you're actually on is the "good side", but on the other side of the mirror, there is trouble, perhaps even reality?

Basically, my character that you see there is on the side of the mirror that he thought was the good side, but now that mirror is broken... so the bloody moon shines in the dark deceiving sky, instead of the one reflected on the mirror.

He had no idea that he had a horn, or a collar that says "abunai" (dangerous in Japanese).

Now that he sees himself the way he truly looks, he is furious and confused.
Also, the dark curving buildings around him used to look how we would describe "normal" but now they look like that.

Basically, don't always believe everything you see or hear, because someone or something could be lying to you. I don't know... it's almost too complex for me to explain? (I'm not doubting religion or anything like that, but you can interpret it however you want.)

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