Celestic Muse (Fan Art Portfolio) Adron Remake: 2nd Version

Adron Remake: 2nd Version
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Remake of Adron from the web comic. I like this version of him.

Name: Adron Fores
Age: 20
D.O.B. March 15, 1437 New World Era
Height: 5' 9"
Occupation: Soldier/ Guard, tactician, swordsman.
Personality: Clever, creative, charismatic, intelligent, passive, calm-hearted, level-headed.
Likes: Chess, fencing, reading, blades of any sorts, peace, exploring.
Dislikes: Death of innocence, cold weather, the shadows, big dogs, snakes.
Friends: Credo Amereles, Dovelin, Vincent Fores (His younger brother), Malik, Nollie Ravencroft.
Enemies: Sebastian Oritz, Ilo Sdjanga, Iris, Kadeem, Rodric Gordon.
Love Interest: Emily Gordon

Things of note:
-He is usually happy and carefree, but becomes serious when on duty and shows a demeanor only known to those who have witnessed it. Those who harm the innocent.
-Although he knows how to fight hand-to-hand and swordplay, he'd rather use his blade as a very last resort.
-At the age of 19, he became general of his fellow soldiers before the war between his king, Artemis, and the opposing power, Ilo.
-His left eye was the result of Emily's brother, Rodric, who tried to silence him on the battlefield during the war between Artemis and Sebastian.

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