Himedere (Fan Art Portfolio) I Made a Super Heroine!

I recently discovered a nearby second-hand shop is selling vintage comics for mega cheap, so I'm going nut-o. (I'm upset to say, I never found any "Supergirl" comics, which is especially bad, because I love her character design!)

So, I was inspired to make my own Super-heroine, Shea Juniper Anderson (aka Miss Miracle![does that sound original enough??])

She's the main character in a comic I'm developing.
She's .. uh..a quiet, self-concious girl. Although she's teased a lot and has no obligations to protect the public,she does because it's in her power and she "can't do anything mean without a reason".

And you guys know me, so of course she has a romantic interest, too: Mortimer, the middle hellhound brother (if the name didn't give it away, he's a bad guy).

Oh, I'm so excited about this! There's Mortimer (who's kinda a hipster), and Shea 9awkward), and her friends Aggie (Agatha) and Angel (who sewed MM's outfit, because she does costumes for school plays).

It's going to be action/slapstick/comedy/DRRAMAAA!
I hope you'll like Shea, because I like how she was developed a lot! Ditzy, spazzy, and doesn't have a good sense of time, direction, or whether something is appropriate to say or not.

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