SG Creations (Fan Art Portfolio) Self-illustration of DOOM

Self-illustration of DOOM
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OMG I did it! O___O I like it?, no I do not, why?? simply because it's supposed to be a self-portrait, a self-portrait with a crap-load of artistic license, but a self-portrait none the less. I hate drawing myself in any way shape or form, in fact it's almost become some sort of weird complex, which is exactly why I entered this challenge, to give myself a goal and do a little "fear facing"

...other than that??'s not too bad I guess, could have come out worse.


If I were an anime character, in an anime...etc,...I would be a race plane pilot!! :D because I am INSANE over flying/aviation - a fondness that goes back three generations in my family - and also have a relatively new-found love for the sport of air racing.

And I'd therefore be a lot more mechanically inclined...and be able to pull off red lipstick, whoot!! XD (Edit: correction I CAN pull off red lipstick, I finally tried it, YAY! 8D)'m so gonna lose, this all seems so...I dunno, unimaginative compared to the other entries. but the chosen occupation and interests expressed here are most certainly close to my heart, of that I can assure you. :)

anyways, other than this verion of me having decidedly better looks, and of course being generally anime-fyed, this is about normal for me appearance wise. I pumped up the red tinge in the hair a bit (I wish I could put a red tint in my hair like that, but too afraid to do it in Real Life) and brightened up the eyes from my actual color of very dark brown, but other than that yeah, no major hair/eye color changes like brunette to blond, brown eyes to blue, etc. I felt like if did that, it wouldn't be "me" anymore.

the locket is actually a direct insert of my favorite necklace - a brass locket with a radial engine-style propeller coming out of the center (and yes, the propeller spins! XD)

My plane would be a(race-modified) Hawker Sea Fury with a blue and polished metal finish named "Supercell", at first I was thinking maybe a race-modded P-51 mustang like Strega or the late Galloping Ghost, but while I love them a ton, there's a lot of mustangs in the Unlimited class (my favorite race class) and I wanted something a little different.

as far as style goes...While I sort of toyed with the idea from the beginning of doing a slight homage to the style of Kazuki Takahashi, from whom I was drawing a lot of inspiration at the time, I hemmed and hawed on it, thinking of going with whatever style I used to do personally with anime instead (before I decided to go in a different stylistic direction from anime) but I then realized that I actually don't remember what I did back then...I could have half-a**ed it and just gone "here, it has big eyes and simplified facial structure, that's anime enough" but it just felt generic :/, very Takahashi homage it was, as that's where my heart was in this case, and I'm happier with the results for that decision.
I suck at backgrounds, That's still relatively new ground for me, but I did give it a shot instead of taking the easy way out like I normally, so...yeah...just hope I can learn from my mistakes in the future and get better at doing them.

so anyways yeah, that's it, my "anime self", for what it's worth...and if you read all this, consider yourself awesome. if I imagined my anime self would be Takahashi-ish...does that mean I'd be a Yugioh character??? 8/ ya'll know I'd be some random filler character that doesn't even duel ROFL XD

And to give credit where credit is due, the plane was ref-ed from this photo of Critical Mass - Ref pic (as useless as this info is, the person who named that photo is wrong, critical mass was not an F8F Bearcat, it was indeed a Hawker Sea Fury, I say "Was" because Critical Mass, in the form you see her in in the photo, no longer exists, she was taken out of the racing gig and restored back to stock, she's now come full circle and is once again true to her WWII origins)

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