Romanos Vixen (Fan Art Portfolio) Meilla, from the Synos Tribe

Meilla, from the Synos Tribe
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Hey! ^^

This is in response to the post I made on my fox world, if anyone wants to join my new RP world, please read the post then Pm or comment! The more the merrier! :D

So this is my OC, Meilla, she is a Synos. The Synos' are friendly people who get along with many of the other tribes and nations, however they can be a bit wary of other tribes. Their habitat is Synthros, a small city in the center of the continet(the main one on the planet). Synthros is quite advanced and uses the power that is created by Moonalia, the giant moon that resides in the center of the city. It is kept in a kind of glass jar incase the power becomes to great and destroys Synthros.
I would also like to point out Meilla is not to scale with Moonalia. She would be about the height of the doors at the bottom of the glass container.

The common jobs available in Synthros are the useual a regual town would have to offer. The more elderly watch over Moonalia and observe it to gain more knledge to the history of the planet and the Synos. Engineers are also an important job in Sythros as most of the city is mechanical. Battlefleets are also common to build to fight enemy nations and planets.

Most Synos have yellow hair and the ends are red. Hair is always kept short for both women and men. Eye colour is green. The Synos' hearing isn't that great in comparison to other tribes, so they wear special headphones that enhance their hearing. As shown with Meilla, women wear a one peice shirt that is tight to the skin, but does provide comfort in the bust, hip and waist.They have a teardrop shape cut out in the middle, and most importantly, they have their symbol, Moonalia, impinted on it. Mens clothings are a bit more loose. It's just a pair of shorts, and they are left bare-chest. At the age of 14, all boys are to have Moonalia tattooed ontotheir chest. Both women and men have grey boots. Those who compete in skate racing have small rockets on the back of their boots, as shown with Meilla.

The most visual part to the Synos are their sharp daggers in their arms. They are used for hunting and fighting. Even though the Synos are advanced technology wise, the don't use guns or weaopns like that, except on their fleets. At night, by instict the daggers sink back into the arm so the Synos do not injure themselfs in bed. The daggers themselfs dont hurt the Synos, and babys are born with them, not implanted. It is said at an elderly age the Synos can remove the daggers from their arms, however no one has tried this theory, and no one plans to.

That's a bit of insight into the Synos, now to Meilla. She's friendly and shy but enjoys meeting new people. Her grandfather is a keeper of Moonalia, so she is give access to see it close (only authorised acces can go into the glass container). She enjoys leeving the walls of Synthros, dispite the rules of the people to stay in for safty. She has yet to find a mate. She's 15.

Hope that is good enough information, if theres anything your wondering about Meilla, the Synos, Synthros or Moonalia, please ask. Again if you wantto join the world, please read the post I made and just ask! ^^

Can't wait to see everyone elses tribes and Ocs! :D

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