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This anime show i think was the FIRST ANIME i've watched and became addicted to (TRUE) the ending made me want to cry so badly!

Here's the story (Mirmo zibang!):
Final episode

Mirmo completed his mission, so he is sent back to his own world, but couldn't bear the fact to see Kaede one more time (since he couldn't see her anymore)and when he saw her he unfortunately ran out of time and was unable to go back to his own world as well. So the punishment is that he is to become a rabbit for the rest of his life. Kaede knew about this, and went to look for him. Strangely enough they thought their Class pet rabbit (that was a boy) had a baby the following day.. They confirmed it was mirmo because of the cheek marks.

So Kaede took care of him, doing the best that she could to help mirmo remember. She would, read comics with him, watch his favorite shows, and gave him his favorite food, but it was no good. Until she clumsily fell and does her old antiques which made mirmo remember.

Mirmo didn't remember that he turned into a rabbit, so he kept reaching the kumocho(favorite food) and got mad at Kaede for locking him in a cage.
Mirmo: ka-kae-kaede.. m-my Ku-kumocho!
Kaede: Mi-mirmo you're back!
Mirmo: Kaede! My kumocho!
Kaede: (cries)sniff.. no! No you can't have some, you've gained alot so you need exercise!
Mirmo: Kumocho! Kumocho!
Kaede: No! *sticks tongue out, and continues to cry...
I missed you Mirmo!

This is so lonnggg... Sorry! But hope you'll like it

hehehe... lot's more ideas are coming.. I Shall return! *Evil laugh BwaHAHAHA!

Mirmo Zibang! Fan Art
angry, happy, hungry, kaede, mirmo, rabbit, tears
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