angel2084 (Fan Art Portfolio) Wait, What?! I must be dreaming!

Wait, What?! I must be dreaming!
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For the Self Insertion: Challenge 3 Contest
Yes, that's actually me...or what I should look like xP my skin's a little more lightish tan then this, but since I couldn't find the right proper skin tone for me I decided to stick with the current skin color for myself ._.
I apologise for the over sparkly background, I didn't know what else to put I placed a cheesy backround instead...don't ask me where we are, I don't have a clue either :I *throws more sparkles*
I couldn't help but draw romano, he's really cute x3. I had an extra part where spain was sort of stalking the two of us under a bush, but the line didn't go through the scan so I had to delete him ( I might submit it seperate though) .__. I wasn't able to draw his normal outfit didn't feel like it, so I tried to make an outfit of my own...but then I couldn't think of a great I just threw in random clothes..deepest apologies to all the romano fangirls out there Dx
I'm more used to drawing girls, so i'm a complete newbie when it comes to drawing boys. So sorry if I screwed up romano, I tried not to...(at least I drew his ahoge right) oAo
Bokeh - Obsidian Dawn
Romano - Hetalia: Axis Powers
where stars shine the brightest -

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confession, crush, heart, Hetalia, Romano, Self
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Self Insertion: Challenge 3
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