Rein Akira (Fan Art Portfolio) To My Hosts...

To My Hosts...
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To my hosts:

Will you accept my heart?


Simulation that ran through my head:

Kyoya: He would probably accept the chocolate because he's a gentleman... but end up giving it to Hunny >.> He doesn't strike me as a sweets person...

L: He'd eat all the chocolate right there and just give me the box back -_-'

Hitsugaya: He'd either freeze up, take the box with a mumbled thanks, or just look at it with a confused face T.T He told be he got nightmares because of valentines day though... so it's possible I'll never find him in time to give him the candy *LURKER*

Italy: He would accept it gratefully, share some with Japan and Germany (probably with me as well), and then end up getting something for me in the end.

Valentines Day Simulation Winner:

Italy :P Lol

I hope you enjoy!

3x3 Eyes Fan Art
alison mandia, be mine, hitsugaya, host club, hosts, italy, Kyoya, L, ohc, rein akira, the otaku, tohc, valentine, valentines day
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