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My Faults
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I am a liar.
I lie all the time.
Sometimes, I do it to protect myself; sometimes, I do it without thinking.
Sometimes, the truth scary, and I don't want to face it.
I've lied to my parents.
I've lied to my friends.
I've lied to myself.
Usually they're just little white lies.
They're lies that don't really hurt anyone
except for me.

I am envious.
I am envious all the time.
I am envious of possessions.
I am envious of relationships.
I am envious of other people's happiness.
I spend so much time thinking of what others have,
that I don't spend time appreciating what I have.

I am cynical.
Everyone is a phony.
There's no such thing as love.
There's only betrayal and hate.
People will always come and go in your life.
They won't mean anything.

I am hateful.
When someone has wronged me, I can't forgive them.
Violence intrudes my thoughts.
I want revenge.
I want to hurt them
like they hurt me.

I want to be a different person.
I know my faults.
I let them bring me down.
I hate myself because of them,
but I never stood up against them
and did something about it.
I'm tired of hate.
I'm tired of doubt.
I'm tired of selfishness.
I'm tired of lies.
I want to change for the better.
I want to be free from all of this darkness in my heart.
I have a family.
I have friends.
I have people that love me,
but to love them properly back
I must recognize my faults
and conquer them.
Then I will be free.


Thank you to everyone who has stood by my side no matter how immature or terrible I can get :) It really means a lot, and I promise to improve myself so I can be worthy enough for your friendship.
Sorry if the nudity bothers you;; I didn't think it was that bad. I'll take it down if I need to.
Also, ignore the lopsided boobs. XD I couldn't get them right. *moment killer*

Thank you for viewing<3

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