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Welcome back to the otaku chibi!

It's been great to have the chance to draw each of you great people an animal spirit.It's so well deserved and been so happy to have to the to do so this week.Working on many pictures like Sayu's pictures and Kafei for Naggie and also been thinking to draw something for Lumus if I get the time hopefully.The list really goes on but working on it.

About the picture:
Notice the feathers of the wings and tail are really dark.The jackdaw is a close relative to the crow and lives in Europe and part of Africa.



Really didn't use much of a reference but worked by inspiration at the background and much detail of the bird.It's weird to draw with those dark feathers that don't reflect light so much.If you don't stare at it you could loose the wing there.The background goes for the end of winter,really don't like cold.

Thanks for beeing there for Hamsta Caro and me all the time dear chibi.You and all the great people really make this place home.Hope the picture gets liked and plz comment(been missing you all a lot but work has been hard) :3

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