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For NeKo MoonShine's ~♦In color♦~ challenge.

Since we weren't supposed to use pencil or erase I decided to use something that you can't erase at all with.

I used

  • Coloured Pencil (even though you can't see it)
  • COPIC Markers
  • Ink Pens

I forgot Mari and Toji so they're in the corner...'orz

I feel bad for forgetting Toji, but I don't really like Mari too much...I guess she's an okay character...>3>

Rei's in the front becauuuseee...she was the first one I drew...XD

And Asuka's mouth is cut off because I didn't like it. I gave her a pointy nose, too...XD 'cause she's German...but I made her really German...O.o;

Toji and Mari's faces look really blurry...it bothers me...

The quality isn't very good because I took a picture of it, since my scanner won't scan and because it wouldn't have fit in there anyways...

This was an interesting challenge.

A challenging challenge! >:D

Enjoy~! ^ ^

(I have another version without Toji and Mari that I'll post just because the picture quality is a tad better and I'm not sure which one I like better.)

Evangelion Fan Art
eva, evangelion, genesis, kaworu, mari, neon, rei, shinji, toji
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