Rein Akira (Fan Art Portfolio) #1: Hitsugaya's Greatest Asset!

#1: Hitsugaya's Greatest Asset!
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Ok, so this thingy you see here is what I'm going to call a "Reiny Love Art." This is where I'm going to show my love to the hosts and fans of TheOtaku Host Club in fanart form. I already have a fancomic going, so if you'd like to check that out, go here!

So, for the first, err, issue? :P I recently found out the exact height of Hitsugaya. I always knew he was short, but I didn't think he was much shorter than me. I was wrong. He's 4"4', :) not that it's a bad thing~ I know everyone will agree with me when I say that he's awesome just as he is and that he wouldn't be the same if he were not 4"4' XD

Now, to address Hitsugaya-san himself... I have already forseen how angry you'll probably be about this >.> But just remember I did it out of love... Love I say!!! 83 So you no be angry nows, right??

:P Expect more of these! (especially since V-day is coming up!!)


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