Kitty K.O. (Fan Art Portfolio) One Night with the Crimson-Eyed Demon

One Night with the Crimson-Eyed Demon
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Ffff, I changed my mind XD While I finish coloring and shading the PGR sexiest men results, I think it's better I give you a little something to tide you over X3 *is hit* XD;

Another traditional thing I did in the spare time I wasn't on my laptop =3 I started out with colored pencils, and then went over it with my prismacolor markers. It turned out pretty well, and since it's marker ratehr than just colored pencils, the colors came through better than with just colored pencils =^_^= I did have to adjust the color a bit in photoshop, but less so, this time =3

For those who've read the post in PGR with Remnis, this is how I imagined he looked a bit... *ahem* after his rendevous with Swaline =eue= Ehehe, it's afterglow XD *is hit twice*

The petals are random. At first, I drew them with the intention of cherry blossoms, but I made them red, so they're, like, cherry rose petals or something XD lolz I tried to put a curtain behind that to fill in the spaces =3 I liek drawing Remnis X3 But Abs needs more love, too ='u'=

Anywho, hope you like this and look forward to another artwork soon~! =^_^=

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Aberius, absol, challenge, color, colored pencils, dark, evil, gijinka, Kitty K.O., markers, Neko Moonshine, night time, one-night stand, PGR, pillow, prismacolor, red eyes, Remnis, rose petals, sexy, transformed
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