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For this piece I had the pleasure of collaborating with Luna~ It took us forever to decide what we were going to do, and yes, the end result is rather sad as she points out in her description. *laughs* No, it didn't happen, it's just a little scenario we put together from listening to the lyrics of "the Harold Song" rather closely and going with that.

The coloring style is what was quite different from my normal pieces. Luna wanted to try a pastel form of coloring and while it was different, I thought it would be neat to try. That's why the colors are all....different. *not very creative this early, too tired* What else is rather unique is the use of typography, which was a fun idea to work through, even though we didn't 'plan' on 90% of it xDD

Anyway, enjoy, and please help us out with hugs/faves/comments, ne~?


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explosion, Gin, heart break, Ichigo, Ke$ha, kira, luna, lunastarz, melancholy., music, OHC, relationship, sad, Support Kira, The Harold Song, words
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