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Assassin Self
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Ok. So I did this weeks ago during Speech class. I had a case of Assassin's Creed fever. I remembered how the hood looked cause I like that detail of the assassin outfits. So I decided to draw a headshot of me as an Assassin, though the hood may be a little different, I was doing this through memory. I just put a design on the hood to symbolize some of my characteristics and to make it less plain.

I did it black and white cause it looked better that way.

Funny thing is...I parted my bangs the wrong way. You see, the bangs that fall over my face are on the right, and if you stand the way the person in the pic is facing...they're parted to the left. But I didn't want to ruin the picture...so I left it as is. It's still good. But the bangs are over the wrong eye.

And the thing where the eye is, is not a blindfold, but it's supposed to be a shadow type deal...To give it a mysterious feel to it.

This came out nice. :)

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assassin, b&w, hood, myself, shadow
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