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Aurellia Belmonte of Aria Company
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Hello, all!

Here's my entry for littlepooch's "Anime You!" challenge. This is my anime alterego, working for Aria Company. My usual anime alterego has purple hair and teal/bluegreen eyes because not only are those two of my favorite colors, but I think they look great together and it seems to work for my character.

Now to explain my being in the Aria series. Being my age, I think I'm way too old to be a beginner (pair), so I decided my character should be about 18 or so, and still an intermediate (single) gondolier. Then again, I don't know if age is a factor in undine apprenticeship, so this whole decision of age/rank is kind of generally based off the series, but also kind of arbitrary.

Ordinarily, by alterego takes my name, Tomiko (a Japanese name I just picked for myself... but I've been told it's old! XD), or Celestia L. Sushi (lol), but to fit with the naming theme of Aria--most everyone's first name begins with "A"--I wanted to pick something Italian in origin. So credit goes to the "Behind the Name" and "Behind the Surname" websites for the name referencing; without them, I wouldn't have come up with Aurellia Belmonte.

I tried to go a little simple on the background, like it's some kind of painting or something. It doesn't look exactly like I want it to, but it certainly serves its purpose.

And for those who are here but have never seen Aria the Animation or its later seasons, I highly recommend it. If you're looking for a good, relaxing show, this is it. It's absolutely gorgeous (and available in America through RightStuf... but I'd check the library first, as mine had it available).

Oh yes, and the picture was originally a pencil sketch, scanned, and then cleaned and colored in Manga Studio Debut 3.0 (then copied and pasted into MS Paint 2007).

Well, with all that said, enjoy!

Aria Fan Art
Aria, Aurellia Belmonte, canal, CelestialSushi, color, Company, gondola, Manga Studio Debut, Neo-Venezia, OC, original character, Paint, pencil, single, town, Undine, water
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